Biologics Innovation – biological technologies for a better life

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The Biologics Innovation team specialises in molecular design and cellular manipulations to create better processes and products for medicine, agro- and biotechnology.

Broadly speaking, we can engineer proteins for improved functions, design new genetic tests, or use our insights into cell biology to create better diagnostics. More specific examples might include molecular biomarker tests for oncology with evolved protein scaffolds, or enhancing the diagnostic value of liquid biopsies by better preserving and analysing their molecular content.

At its core, Biologics Innovation is driven by the enthusiasm of a team of highly skilled specialists with leadership experience at top European, US and UK research institutions, hospitals and biotechnology firms. With over 50 years of combined postgraduate and professional experience in diverse areas (e.g. molecular medicine, plant biochemistry, bioinformatics and entrepreneurship), Biologics Innovation is destined to create value and improve R&D outcomes across the life sciences industries.

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Hans Hoppe

hansHans Hoppe (DPhil, MBA) is a Life Sciences consultant.  Before TTP, he co-led a molecular oncology research group at Oxford and founded a protein engineering consultancy. Hans has a keen interest in creating business opportunities from molecular innovations for therapeutic, diagnostic, or biotechnological use, e.g. more effective protein diagnostics, PCR reactions or drug formulations.

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